A 6-week program designed for intermediate level boxers that are looking to learn advanced techniques and boxing tactics.

What is the Technical Boxing Camp?

The Ultimate Technical Boxing Program.

This program is designed to significantly increase your cardio, strength, and overall physical conditioning of intermediate level boxers by using specific training methods and nutritional plans.

Advanced Techniques • Intro To Sparring

6 weeks

Boxing Gloves • Hand Wraps • Skipping Rope

Technical Boxing Camp

What's Included?

This program includes all the tools for you to be prepared, have multiple training opportunities and guide you for 6 weeks to stay focused and achieve results.


Customize your schedule through our app with unlimited boxing classes at United Boxing Club


Every saturday morning, train and learn key fitness practices based on the theme of the week in a private group setting with other challenge participants and special guest appearances.   


We have made 3 specific meal plans that cater to different nutrition choices with 50+ recipes per plan.


  1. Plant Based
  2. High Protein
  3. Low Carb


Our Nutrition plans give you an outline of healthy food option, recipes and a schedule to ensure you have everything your body needs to recover and grow during this training program.


Free Boxing Assessment

Evaluate your boxing skills by measuring your punching speed, power, accuracy and overall ability with one of our expert boxing coaches.

Program Overview

Customize Your Schedule.

With various training options available, you can  create your own schedule to make sure it fits suits your lifestyle.

Boxing Padwork is a semi-private group class where you develop your reflexes, speed, accuracy and technique by punching and holding pads  with a partner with boxing combos provided your coach.  

Technical Boxing class is popular because it provides specific and innovative boxing drills and exercises to develop skills (power, reflex, agility, speed and more) and translating them directly to boxing techniques on the punching bag or pads.

This technical sparring class offers a safe and controlled environment under the direction of an elite coach to put into practice the techniques and tactics you’ve learned with a partner.


Weekly Workouts & Workshops

Here’s a breakdown of the workshops that you will be required to attend. Each workshop will focus on a specific theme to help participants learn fundamental boxing skills.

  • Week 1

    Fundamentals & Coordination

  • Week 4

    Timing & Feints

  • Week 2

    Defence & Distance

  • Week 5

    Tactics & Combinations

  • Week 3

    Counter & Attack

  • Week 6

    Technical Sparring

Get Started

Q&A Program Orientation

All you need to know before starting the Technical Boxing Camp:

Program Launch

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