6 Week Challenge
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Program Booklet

This booklet contains all the resources of the 6 weeks challenge with a schedule to follow, class disruptions we recommend and all downloads.
6 Weeks Challenge - Booklet

Program Tailored Meal Plans

We have created 3 meal plans that cater to different goals and body types. Download from one of the following top 3 meal plans and get a grocery list, weekly schedule and over 100 healthy recipes.

Plant Based

Discover the collection of plant based recipes, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, treats and smoothie options.


Discover the collection of low-carb recipes, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, treats and smoothie options.

High Protein

Discover the collection of high protein recipes, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, treats and smoothie options.

Workout Training Guides

Here at United Boxing Club, we pride ourselves on our ability to create and maintain a safe space in which everyone feels welcome and part of a positive community. So no matter your age or boxing experience you will always be treated with respect and greeted with a smile!

Warmup and Mobility United Boxing Club

Warm up & Mobility

Three different warm ups to practice before your private training session and any boxing workout.

Core Training United Boxing Club

Core Workout

Amazing bodyweight core workouts for a shredded mid section that you can perform after all training sessions.

Lower Body workout United Boxing Club

Lower Body Workout

Hight intensity bodyweight training workout to develop explosiveness and power

Full Body Workout United Boxing Club

Full Body Workouts

Several calorie burning workout for a complete burn using bodyweight interval training systems.