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This Is a semi-private group class. Develop your technique using boxing pads with a partner. Open to all levels and abilities.

Class Overview

Sharpen Your Technique, Accuracy & Speed.

Boxing Padwork is a semi-private group class where you develop your reflexes, speed, accuracy and technique by punching and holding pads  with a partner with boxing combos provided your coach.  

All Levels


Partner Padwork Combination Drills  

Personal Pads • Boxing Gloves • Hand Wraps

Class Structure

Class Structure

In this class, we maximize punching time and quickly move into learning the technique of the day and practice it until a grand finale burnout session.


Start with a dynamic warm up using skipping and shadow boxing drills to gradually pick up your heart rate and  prepare the muscles for more intense exercises to come.


This 45min section consists of punching and holding pads with a partner with the direction of your coach.  


Simple punching drills done in high repetition  guaranteed to build strength and burn a huge amount of calories in a short amount of time.

Boxing Equipment

Full Grain Leather Pads

Designed with protection and durability in mind, these focus pads are made of genuine leather and have an ergonomic fit providing  extra wrist support, palm cushion, high impact resistant foam. Pads are adjustable to your size.

Class Times

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Class Instructors

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Eunice F


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