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Asher has successfully competed with the UBC fight team and now as a boxing coach offers motivating fitness boxing training sessions for all levels

Boxing Coach Introduction

"Boxing taught me to never give up!"

I believe that it’s more important to be the hardest working person in the room than the best. I constanstly challenge my classes to dig deep to find their inner strength and be able to apply that both in and out of the gym.
All Levels

Strength • Calisthenics

+3yrs Boxing • Lv 1 Coach

Hard Core • Motivating

Class Schedule

Asher teaches fitness boxing classes twice a week. So if you’re looking for energetic and intense boxing classes check out his schedule bellow.

Cardio Boxing is the most popular class for those wanting to burn high calories, shred fat and gain full body strength all by using high energy boxing drills.

Learn the fundamentals with specific drills utilized to fast track your skills through direct application on the punching bag all by breaking a good sweat and having a great workout.

The Ultimate Fitness Program

6 Weeks Challenge

A 6-Week program designed for the physical preparation of entry level boxers using H.I.I.T workouts and strength training methods.

Training Rates

If your interested in classes or private training we offer straight forward & accessible pricing options.

INTRO OFFER: $50/3 Classes


Single Class – $25/Class

10 Classes – $20/Class

INTRO OFFER: 7 days free, then $195/mth


Monthly – $195/mth

Annually – $1800/yr 


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