This semi-private group fitness boxing class perfect for those looking to improve their cardio and muscle endurance. This fitness class is open to all levels and abilities.

Class Overview

Calorie Torching Fitness Boxing Workout.

Cardio Boxing is the most popular class for those wanting to burn high calories, shred fat and gain full body strength, by using bodyweight fitness boxing drills.

All Levels


Bodyweight H.I.I.T • Punching Bag • Core

Boxing Gloves • Hand Wraps • Skipping Rope

Class Structure

Workouts are designed with a progressive approach for all levels to prevent injury, maximize performance and train effectively.


Start with light active stretching exercises to gradually pick up your heart rate and  prepare the muscles for more intense exercises to come.


This 20min section consists intervals training guaranteed to build strength and burn a huge amount of calories in a short amount of time.


Simple punching drills done in high repetition  to continue to push your cardio levels, strengthen your core and release stress.

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5 Steps Before Your 1st Class

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Class Times

Cardio Boxing Schedule

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Class Instructors

Cardio Boxing Coaches

Below is a list of trainers leading this boxing padwork class. Click any of the images to learn more about our trainers and their individual boxing styles.

Conditioning & Endurance

Irvien Caparros

Conditioning & Endurance

Eunice Fernandez

Conditioning & Endurance

Dan Warr

Conditioning & Endurance

Luis Velasquez