Technical Beginner Boxing



Beginner boxing is a group class designed to develop your fundamentals rehearsing specific movements. Perfect for individuals with little to no boxing experience.

Beginner Boxing Overview

Learn The Sweet Science & sharpen your boxing technique

Learn the fundamentals with specific drills utilized to fast track your skills through direct application on the punching bag all by breaking a good sweat and having a great workout. 



Shadow Boxing • Punching Bag

Boxing Gloves • Hand Wraps

Beginner Boxing Structure

A recipe for success

Learn key techniques and put them directly into practice to maximize skill retention all by working up a sweat.


Start with light active stretching exercises to gradually pick up your heart rate and  mobility coordination drills to prepare the muscles for the boxing drills &  exercises to come.


Practice Technical Footwork and repeat punch sequences in an open space under the instruction and supervision of your coach 

Put into practice the punching drills rehearsed in repetition on the heavy bags and continue to push your cardio levels. 

Get Started

Handwrap Tutorial

Watch this simple hand wrap tutorial to prepare for class. If you require assistance, one of our coaches will be more than happy to help.

Weekly Class Times

Beginner Boxing Schedule

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Beginner Boxing Instructors

Class Coaches

Below is a list of trainers leading this beginner boxing class. Click any of the images to learn more about our trainers and their individual boxing styles.

Conditioning & Endurance

Irvien Caparros

Conditioning & Endurance

Dan Warr

Conditioning & Endurance

Luis Velasquez