High Performance Program



This program is designed to increase your technical and fitness skills, and to help you feel confident that you can compete in a boxing match.

What is the 90 Day Camp?

From Beginner To Fighter In 90 Days

This is a high performance boxing program designed for beginners and intermediates that want to develop the mind and skillset of a true fighter in just 90 days. 


*Fighting/competing is not mandatory.

Beginner • Intermediate

Learn To Fight • Improve Performance

90 days

Boxing Gloves • Hand Wraps • Skipping Rope

The 90 Day Camp

What's Included?

You will be given all the tools to be prepared for a boxing match with the support of our Coaches that will guide you for 90 days. 

There will be 3-4 mandatory technical sessions throughout the week.


Additionally, participants will receive full access to our complete schedule allowing the option to enjoy some of our other classes.

Every Saturday, practice vital boxing skills and learn knowledge based on the theme of the week in a private group setting with other challenge participants and special guest appearances.  

The program includes a boxing and fitness training program to follow with specific workouts and routines to ensure you stay on track and progress effectively.

We have made 3 specific meal plans that cater to different nutrition choices with 50+ recipes per plan.

  1. Plant Based
  2. High Protein
  3. Low Carb

Our Nutrition Plans give you an outline of healthy food options, recipes and a schedule to ensure you have everything your body needs to recover and grow during this training program.


90 Day Camp - Gala 2019

We have successfully organized 4 boxing shows for this program with numerous fighters from our club and around the Greater Toronto Area with the help of Boxing Ontario. Here is our last Boxing Gala organized in December 2019.

Program Overview

Training Camp Schedule

Participants are asked to train and follow a strict regiment with daily activities and weekly workshops. All with a customizable schedule that fits on their lifestyle.

You will be required to attend 3-4 technical classes available throughout the week.

All participants are also required to take fitness boxing classes as part of the program.

Consult with your Coach regarding the weekly workshops that you must attend.


Weekly Workouts & Workshops

Here’s a breakdown of the workshops that you will be required to attend. Each workshop will focus on a specific theme to help participants learn fundamental boxing skills.

  • Week 1 - 2

    Boxing Fundamentals

  • Week 7-8

    Counter & Feints

  • Week 3-4

    Footwork & Speed

  • Week 9-10

    Attack & Power

  • Week 5-6

    Defense & Position

  • Week 11-12

    Rules & Mindset

Featured Video

Meet The Previous Participants

50 participants with no boxing experience, joined the 90 day training camp and prepared for their first fight. This recap videos highlights the participants and their journey to becoming champions in and out of the ring.

Featured Videos

Fighter Stories

Here are stories from past participants of the 90-Day Camp:

Program Launch

Starts: April 24, 2022

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